Frigate Almirante Riveros

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  • Año:1992
  • Desplazamiento:3,320 tons
  • Potencia de MaquinariaCODOG (2 Wartsila diesel engines and 2 Spey gas turbines)


76 mm Oto Melara Gun.

NATO Sea Sparrow weapon systems.

Harpoon missiles.

MK 46 torpedoes.

  • Velocidad Máxima30 knots.
  • Eslora:122 meters
  • Manga:14.4 meters
  • Puntal:
  • Calado:4.3 meters
  • Comandante Commander Guillermo Díaz Avello

Nombres anteriores


Frigate Almirante Riveros
Frigate Almirante Riveros

The first "Almirante Riveros" was a destroyer, of 1.964 tons built for Chile in Great Britain in 1913. It was seized for the British, and sunk in action in 1917 at the Battle of Jutland.

The second, also a destroyer of 1.829 tons was built in England in 1913. She was transferred to the Chilean Navy in 1920, serving until 1933.
The last "Almirante Riveros", a 3.792 tons destroyer, was built in England for the Chilean Navy in 1958. With her steam propulsion plant she was able to achieve 34.5 knots, and was one of the first ships carrying missiles in South America. She arrived to the country in 1962, serving until 1995.

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